Jahrgang Zwölf

Sascha Schlegel


Ich bin gestorben.

I am thrown in the world and will be wrested out of her anon. Meanwhile i am seeking for moments of beauty and fulfillment and the recognition of their transience. If anyone goes early out of life, i will remain and the treacherous will light up. I learn more and more about the darkness. With every farewell and every end, I realize that like it was, it will not remain. In every brightness lurks the dusk. My sentiment turns me to the world, but the obscurity on the horizon trys to deprive me from it. What’s left is the avid desire for an ecstatic swan song of my confined time. I feel, i graze, i explore. Then my life ends in this failed attempt. At the end there are images. But i don’t know what persists. I died.