Jahrgang Zwölf

Jana Sophia Nolle


Living Room, San Francisco, 2017/2018

The photographs from Living Room document a series of temporary homeless shelters erected in various wealthy living rooms in San Francisco using materials found on the street. For the project, Jana Sophia Nolle established access to both worlds – the world of the rich, with stable homes, and the world of the homeless, living in improvised dwellings on the streets of San Francisco. She approached living room owners and homeless people and asked them for access to their private spaces. Homeless people were asked to share their construction plans or lists of materials, while wealthy people were asked to open their living rooms. The reconstructions are an inventory, a typology in color photographs, detached from their original environs. The result is a series of architectural interiors reflecting both homeowners and shelter creators. Some are complicated or fragile, some are minimalistic, and others are almost nomadic, giving the impression of constant movement.