Jahrgang Zwölf

Tatiana Hahn


So Close So Far

In her work Tatiana Hahn creates environments that question the possibilities of vision and explore the borders of perception. Project “So Close So Far” is a diptych. First part, a perceptually inverted diorama of a New York landscape, where the fleeting and the irrelevant details are brought to the foreground. A photograph of a scene as experienced by the visual cortex. The interactive part, entitled “Another Time Different Space”, allows people to leave their contexts behind and have their scanned selves participate in an ever evolving group portrait. Series “WaterflowerAndroids” experiment with the fragile and fleeting nature of flowers. The continuous interaction with the subject during longtime exposures allows to exchange information with the machine while shooting, constantly reinterpreting each other’s data streams. Distorted geometry in space, digital artifacts, development of common binary code. The process dreams up an environment for the unperceivable to exist.