Jahrgang Zwölf

Tim Schmelzer



I looked at her from the side and thought about us. “My love is different from yours. 
Like when you close your eyes – in this very moment, the center of the universe shifts towards you. Your appearance endlessly dwindles and opens up a view of that infinite landscape behind your mind. You’re becoming the center of all. And it happens so fast, that I can’t even blink or realise that it spreads and settles on everything that has or will happen, everything I ever saw or did or will do… And it’s so beautiful it even fills up the shady recess and narrow corners of my heart,replacing it’s dark material.” Until she opened her eyes again and I realised that (I said nothing, and) this is all long gone. “WAR ON US” deals with separation and loneliness within today’s relationships, a collection of stories that are all one. (accompanied by a 23min soundtrack)

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